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Choosing the floor plan is the biggest decision you will make early on in the process. Before even thinking about breaking ground on a new build home make sure the floor plan is a good fit for your subdivision.

We have dedicated architects on our team who can work with you to design the perfect plans.

If you are trying to figure out what floor plans suits your needs best, take a look at the following important elements to consider when selecting the perfect floor plan.

  • Size: Whether you begin with a specific floor plan in mind or by selecting a lot, it is important to confirm that the two are sized well for each other. It would be devastating to find that your perfect floor plans are oversized for the lots you have or vice versa. When working with an experienced developer, they should be able to give you guidelines for how best to match your desired floor plans with the lots. 

  • Layout: When it comes to designing the layout of a r perfect home, the most important “design rule” to follow is ensuring that rooms are set up into zones or groupings. There are typically three-zone designations: living, work, and private. Living areas are those such as the family room and dining room. Work areas consist of kitchens, utility rooms, and shared offices. Private zones such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and possibly private office spaces are typically sectioned to more quiet areas of the home away from most of the action. Keeping each of these areas grouped allows for each space to be utilized in the most efficient manner.

  • Features: When designing or selecting a floor plan, it is easy to remember to include significant rooms such as bedrooms, living spaces, and a kitchen

  • Working with a Home Builders: Whether you need help finding a perfectly sized lot, viewing spec floor plans, or creating a custom home from scratch, we have a team member for you.

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